Timeless guest book

This wedding guest book is a Secret Belgian binding – a style that has a distinctive thread pattern on the cover and around the spine of the book. The V shape formed by the thread is replicated by the pattern on the Art Deco coverpaper.

The book is sewn in two separate sections: the primary sewing creates the textblock and the secondary sewing is used to bind the textblock to the cover. The client chose a luxurious cream paper which I tore by hand in order to create a deckled edge solidifying the handmade look of the book.

I wanted to create a slipcase that would not only protect the guest book but also draw the whole design together. I had originally planned to use black book cloth to cover the slipcase but it invoked an overly sombre tone. Instead I chose an off-white book cloth that created an airy feel and served as a striking contrast to the black spine of the guest book. This handmade guest book measures 23 x 28.5 x 2 cms.