Slate grey wedding album

Here is an elegant wedding album created to match the subtle wedding colour scheme of slate grey, ivory and bronze. The couple chose a coptic album which has an exposed spine with plaited bronze stitching contrasted against the ivory pages. This stitch has been used as early as 2AD – which is a testament to its durability!

The wedding flowers were very simple and beautiful: white hydrangeas with green ivy foliage. I wanted to capture this in their album so I set up a still life and drew these flowers using black and bronze ink. These drawings were used as the endpages in the album.

I was given a selection of 50 photographs which I edited down to the 20 most striking images. I then printed and laid out the archival quality photographs in the album, sequencing them to weave together the story of the wedding.

At the back of the album, I made a pocket which is filled with mementos from the wedding: the invite, sitting plan, menu and more. All of this is kept safe in a customised Solander box to protect the album and keepsakes for years to come. This handmade wedding album measures 33 x 33 x 5 cms.