Inchiquin guest book

I created this coptic stitch guest book for the owners of a house on Lough Inchiquin. The coptic stitch is an ancient stitch with examples of it found as early as 2AD. This guest book has a photograph that I took from the shores of Lough Inchiquin sunken into the cover. The unusual heart-like shape is the actual shape of the lake.

I used a muted purple for the stitching along the spine. It picks up traces of purple in the photograph and complements the slate grey bookcloth. Instead of having the stitching all the same length, I varied their length and distance from each other. This hints at the untamed plant life along the shores of the lake – reeds, rushes, waterlilies and more.

The pages of the text block (inside of the book) are handtorn creating a soft deckled edge. This handmade guest book measures 17 x 25 x 2.5 cms.