Fish log guest book

Here is a fish log book and guest book – combined all in one! I made the book for a boathouse that is going to be used both for storing fishing boats and also as a guest room. The lefthand page is a guestbook where you can put your name, address and any messages. The righthand page is where the fish log is: There is space for the weather conditions, fish caught, weight, bait and other details.

The binding is a variation of a coptic stitch. The coptic stitch is a really old stitch, with versions of it found as early as 2AD. I created my own version of it, trying to mimic the shape of the boathouse along the spine. I handprinted the paper for the cover using a motif of the boathouse based on a photo from when it was being built. I craved out the structure on foam and used it to stamp beautiful patterned paper.

This handmade guest book measures 23 x 16 x 3 cms.