Fauna baby card binding

Here is a book which gathers together all the baby cards and other little mementos that this little baby received in her first year. This binding is a variation of a long stitch binding – a very sturdy and durable holder for these precious items. The cover is made using sky blue leather wrapped shut using a beautiful silk ribbon and the purple stitching makes a lovely pattern along the spine.

The grey and green pattern on the first page is copied from one the baby’s babygros. I also used a cartoon flora and fauna motif on many pages. This too was copied from another piece of the baby’s clothing which I scanned. Alongside the collection of baby cards are a mixture of poems, photographs and other mementos. One memento that I particularly like is a little grey book I made containing the baby’s ultrasound scans. This handmade memory book measures 15 x 21 x 7 cms.