Recognition artist’s book

Here is one of my own artist’s books called ‘Recognition’. It is a collection of collages which explore ideas around self awareness and personal identity around one’s mirror image.

This artist’s book is a drum leaf binding. This is a great way of displaying imagery across a 2-page spread. As there is no spinal gutter, the image can run the whole way across the two pages – perfect for artwork.

I covered the book using a flecked grey book cloth. I think the spring green mirror pages on the inside cover create a striking contrast.

The child on the front is from a photograph taken in 1892 by Major Ruttledge-Fair in Connemara. Records from the time describe how, when shown the photo, none of the children could identify themselves but recognised their friends immediately. This handmade artist’s book measures 19 x 14 x 1.5 cms.